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Here you guys go :3 I promised I would be posting icons soon, and just like I said, there is quite a few~

Please enjoy~

*does and dies in a ditch somewhere*

[58] Mighty Mouth
--Shorry J;; Sangchu;; Mighty Mouth;;

[51] Super Junior
--Eunhyuk;; Donghae;; Shindong;; Heechul;; Siwon;;
Sungmin;; Kyuhyun;; Yesung;; Ryeowook;; Eeteuk;; HaeHyuk;;

[16] Big Bang
--T.O.P.;; G-Dragon;; Daesung;; GTOP;;

[13] So Nyuh Shi Dae
--Tiffany;; Sunny;; Sooyoung;; Yuri;; Yoona;;
Hyoyeon;; Jessica;; Seohyun;; JeNy;;

[7] SHINee
--Jonghyun;; JongKey;;

[2] 4minute

[1] Brown Eyed Girls

[3] 4minute + Brown Eyed Girls

[5] After School
--Kahi;; KaJung;; KaYeon;;

[3] XIAH Junsu
--XIAH Junsu;;

[2] 2NE1

[2] Chunglim

[1] Lee Hyori

[1] f(x)

[1] 2PM

[1] 2NE1+MBLAQ

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[Hangeng] ¤ 愛

New Affiliate!

I don't usually do this over here unless it's for my own community, but this is for a friend so :3

Candiecoated has a new affliate!


A personal community for hitsugaya15's fanfics
which range anywhere from Super Junior to MBLAQ.

Please give her lots of love!

As for icons I should have a new batch coming up soon :3 It's been a busy month so Ihavn't really had the chance to do any Dx But I have millions of pictures waiting to be iconed >:3

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[Sangchu/Shorry J] ¤ Let's meet tonight.


Here is the rest of the icon batch~ I hope you guys enjoy :D ♥ ♥

[19] 2AM
--Jokwon;; Changmin;; Jinwoon;; Seulong;; 2AM;;

[18] Mighty Mouth
--Shorry J;; Sangchu;; Mighty Mouth;;

[17] SHINee
--Key;; Jonghyun;; Onew;; Taemin;; JongKey;;

[15] Super Junior
--Eunhyuk;; HaeHyuk;; ShiChul;;

[13] Chunglim

[12] So Nyuh Shi Dae
--Taeyeon;; Jessica;; YoonTae;; JeNy;; So Nyuh Shi Dae;;

[8] After School
--Kahi;; Jungah;; Jooyeon;; Bekah;; Uee;; Raina;;
Nana;; Lizzy;;

[5] Park Jaebeom
--Park Jaebeom;;

[4] Dong Bang Shin Ki
--Yunho;; Changmin;;

[3] Lee Hyori
--Lee Hyori;;

[3] Uhm Junghwa
--Uhm Junghwa;;

[2] Kim Taewoo
--Kim Taewoo;;

[1] Mighty Mouth/T-Max
--Shorry J/Yunhwa;;

[1]Son Dambi+No Hongchul
--Son Dambi+No Hongchul;;

[1] See Ya
--See Ya;;


[1] Go Younha
--Go Younha;;

[1] JYP

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[Donghae/Eunhyuk] ¤ Sweet Nothings


I actually was going to post 260 icons... but LJ told me that was way too fuckin' much for one post, so I had to split it up xD

So here is post one with only 135 icons :[ Enjoy ♥ I'll link to post two in a bit!

There is now a link at the bottom of both posts 8D~

[65] U-Kiss
--Dongho;; Kevin;; Alexander;; Kiseop;; Eli;;
Kibum;; Soohyun;; EliHo;; HoVin;; KiHo;; EliXander;;

[42] Big Bang
-- Daesung;; G-Dragon;; T.O.P;; Taeyang;; Seungri;;
GTOP;; GDae;; Big Bang;;

[28] 2PM
--Junsu;; Chansung;; Taecyeon;; Junho;; Wooyoung;;
Nichkhun;; ChanSu;; WooKhun;;

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[Donghae/Eunhyuk] ¤ Sweet Nothings


First post to candie_coated now that it has a new layout :3 I hope everyone likes the new layout! I was trying to be more colorful since "Candie Coated" sounds like it should be cute and colorful anyway x3 And I kept with the candy theme by using pictures from the recent Lollipop2 song by Big Bang~

I'm proud of it :3

I also changed a few things in the way I post up the icons... like the colors and such. ANYWAYS. PLEASE ENJOY~

Also the Taeyeon icon I have up here xD; I gave her those pink eyes... I thought it was nice looking :3 ♥


[EDIT]: Please ignore that one row of x's from 26-30 -_- I accidently skipped a row while I was posting these up... Yeah I was in a hurry please forgive me Dx

[28] T-ara
--Eunjung;; Jiyeon;; Qri;; Soyeon;; Boram;;
Hyomin;; EunYeon;; EunMin;; SoMin;; T-ara;;

[27] Mighty Mouth
-- Shorry J;; Mighty Mouth;;

[13] Big Bang
--T.O.P;; GTOP;; Big Bang;;

[12] 2PM
--Junho;; Junsu;; TaecJay;; ChanKwon;; JunBro;;

[11] Chunglim

[6] Super Junior
--Eunhyuk;; Hangeng;; Heechul;; Siwon;; Sungmin;;
Super Junior;;

[1] So Nyuh Shi Dae

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[Donghae/Eunhyuk] ¤ Sweet Nothings


I decided to make icons of 2AM's MV for Never Let You Go. I hope you guys like them :3

[51] 2AM

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[Donghae/Eunhyuk] ¤ Sweet Nothings


[36] 2PM

[34] Kara

[23] So Nyuh Shi Dae

[19] Chunglim

[16] Super Junior
--Super Junior

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[Donghae/Eunhyuk] ¤ Sweet Nothings


Lots of 2PM (more specifically ChanSu) to celebrate the grand opening of...

A community for Chansung/Junsu

I hope it does well~ These two get like... no love together. It's ridiculous!

Anyways. Please enjoy the icons 8D!

[79] 2PM

[8] Chunglim

[1] Shinee + 2AM
--Key + Jokwon

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[Donghae/Eunhyuk] ¤ Sweet Nothings


Yeah... 157 icons brought to you by me. There would be more, but after 157 I was ready to kill myself :[

Also ignore the missing icon on number 110. It's because I totally misscounted. And I'm not going to move every icon up one just to fill in the spot >:[ You love that empty spot and you love it good!

Here is the long list of shit that I made 8D


[40] So Nyuh Shi Dae
--So Nyuh Shi Dae

[30] 2PM

[29] f(x)

[19] Super Junior
--Super Junior

[16] After School
--After School

[11] Chunglim

[11] SHU-I

[1] Shinee + So Nyuh Shi Dae
--Shinee + Yuri/Tiffany

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